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Pepin: The Pepin Press B.V. and any of its associated companies and organisations, including companies yet to be founded or bought. Customer: Any person, company, or other entity placing an order with The Pepin Press through this website. Goods: Any book and/or other item offered for sale on this website.

Orders processed through this website

Advance payment is required for all orders placed through the ordering facility of this website. Payment must be received within ten business days from the date of the order; otherwise the order will be cancelled.

Pepin does not warrant but shall be committed to use all reasonable endeavours to have orders processed within five business days from receipt of payment. Pepin is committed to a sound packaging of all goods, but shall not be liable for damage to or loss of the package during transport, nor for any fees or duties levied on the package.

Pepin reserves the right to refuse orders at its own discretion. Enquiries as to why a certain order was refused will be answered within one month. Such answers will be deemed final; Pepin will not engage in further correspondence about refused orders.

Trade orders

For trade orders, our General Conditions of Sale apply. These can be sent on request.

Returns policy

Returns due to error or damage: The recipient of damaged and/or faulty goods must contact Pepin within three days from receipt of the goods. Damaged and/or faulty goods will be replaced at Pepin's expense. However, the customer is held to comply with Pepin's request to either discard or return (part of) the damaged and/or faulty goods.

Returns due to cancellation: The customer may cancel the order within seven business days from receipt of the goods. The customer is held to notify Pepin of any return shipments in advance and to state the relevant order number and the reason for return. Pepin will only refund the purchase price of the goods, not the shipping costs of either the original or the return shipment.

Privacy policy

Information submitted through this website is stored in a database. This information will only be available to Pepin. Pepin will not sell or share data stored in the database with any other person or organisation. Pepin shall not, however, be held responsible should this information be disseminated, either through criminal act, human error, technical failure, or any other way.


Pepin's liability, if any, towards the customer shall at all times be limited to the reimbursement of the purchase price paid in respect of the relevant delivery.


Copyright © on all content as well as on the design of this website is owned by Pepin.

Pepin owns and/or controls on behalf of others all the copyrights contained in the books and CD-ROMs it publishes. Pepin takes all reasonable measures to ensure that copyrights are carefully and properly recorded and administered. Anyone who wishes to challenge the rights claimed by Pepin is invited to contact us.

Applicable Law and Forum

All transactions conducted are subject to the laws of The Netherlands. Disputes shall be submitted to the competent Court in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, without prejudice to the right of Pepin to submit disputes to any other court.

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